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Five Things to Cut From Your Diet to Make a Big Impact

Cheeseburger with French Fries and Ketchup

Are you grazing from one meal to the next, enjoying life absolutely but aren’t too happy with your weight? This is a common situation for a lot of people.

You hear advice all this time, people telling you to do this, change that and you’ll look like a million bucks. But what should you really do?

I’ve compiled a must have “cut-list” – 5 foods to cut from your diet.

Some of them may seem bold, but if you’re serious about losing weight, it isn’t rocket science; all it takes is a little calorie snip and cut. Check them out. Hopefully parting with them won’t bring too much sweet sorrow.

Soda and sweets drinks: This is one of the first ones you’ll hear from anybody, and it’s because it’s absolutely true.

If you’re overweight and drink soda all day long and you suddenly cut all soda from your diet, chances are you could drop 20 pounds. That’s how bad regular soda is for you.

It’s full of sugar, sodium and the worst – calories. Think of one bottle of soda as an equivalent to one desert. And diet soda isn’t a much better because it’s full of mystery chemicals, fake sugars and throws your brain into all types of havoc scientists still don’t fully understand.

Fatty meats: You probably already know that big sausages probably aren’t the best thing on a diet, but beef and pork can be high in fat as well.

Chicken is always a safe bet as long as you remove the skin and don’t drown it in fatty sauces. Lean pork chops also are good.

But except of the leanest cuts, most beef should be cut from your diet because of its high fat content.

Cheese: If you love cheese, we know how difficult of a subject this is, but most people would be shocked at the amount of saturated fat and calories in cheese.

That stuff in in shredded in bags may taste great, but adding cheese to your food can make it go from healthy to unhealthy real quick.

If you love cheese and absolutely can’t bear the thought of cutting it, try one of the low-fat or fat-free versions of your favorite cheese. It may not taste as good, but it can cut a hefty amount of calories from your diet.

Butter: This without question is one of the hardest to cut, butter, but it’s so high in fat and calories that if you really want to lose weight it has to be done. Instead of using butter, try using cooking spray or spreads like Smart Balance.

Also, have fun using more interesting things like pesto or a good quality olive oil.

White flour products: Commercial breads, pasta, baked goods, breakfast cereals; chances are if you’re craving it, it probably has white flour in it.

White flour can be the crux of a diet and very hard to cut. They’re full of simple carbohydrates, which contain no health benefits for the human body. All they give is empty calories.

What you should eat instead are whole grains; the awesome replacement for white flour products.

Aim for half of the grains you eat every day being whole grains. Whole grains provide you with fiber and good carbs. But make sure they are 100% whole grains. The whole wheat pastas and breads that you see at the store usually still have white flour mixed in.

When trying to lose weight, it’s all about cutting bad foods from your diet. Don’t forget to incorporate plenty of water as well, and after cutting these foods, replace them with all the healthy things you know you should be eating. Your target weight is closer than you think.

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