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Top Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Prevent Bags Under Eyes

Woman Laying in Bed with Bags Under Her Eyes

Do you wake up every morning and just want to scream when you see bags under your eyes… again?

Chances are, you’re probably not doing everything you can to make under bags under the eyes a distant memory.

Even if age and genetics are putting you at a disadvantage, there are changes you can make to your lifestyle that will put up an impressive fight.

From eating better to how you sleep, here are the top lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent bags under your eyes.

Get more sleep: It can be really hard now days to get enough sleep with the Internet and so many other devices vying to get our attention, but even if our environment is changing, our bodies are not.

We all know when you don’t have enough sleep, your skin looks extra pale. This is because the blood circulation in your face isn’t at 100% because of your lack of sleep.

Our bodies still need a solid 8 hours a night to recover and recuperate, and as you guessed, prevents bags from forming under the eyes.

Cut your salt intake: Salt is never good in high amounts and if you love eating salty foods, but are having consistent problems with bags under the eyes, chances are your salt intake is to blame.

Eating it too much salt can make your body retain more water. It can also depress the blood circulation in your body, causing puffiness around the eyes.

Exercise regularly: Exercising is another great way to get your blood flowing, which can prevent puffy eyes from returning every morning after you wake.

A simple cardio session each day for 15 – 30 minutes can produce huge results.

Sleep with your head raised: It may not be the most comfortable position for many people, but sleeping on your back with your head raised is a great way to prevent puffy eyes.

With your head elevated, you’re preventing blood from pooling around the eyes.

Quit smoking: Smoking is another cause of bags under the eyes. The nicotine in cigarettes can limit the body’s ability to circulate blood, which can have a direct effect on the circulation around your eyes.

Increase Vitamin K: Another big thing you can do to prevent bags from forming is to increase the amount of Vitamin K you’re getting.

Leafy greens such as kale and Swiss chard contain high amounts of these vitamins and can do a great job at preventing bags. Eating a small salad everyday full of greens is an easy way to make sure you’re getting enough of this vitamin.

Also, look for under eye creams that contain Vitamin K so that the vitamin will absorb directly into the problem are.

Avoid allergens whenever you can. You may not have allergies per say, but allergens can also be the cause of puffy eyes.

It may not be fun making lifestyle changes for something like puffy eyes, but if you’re serious about getting rid of them for good, these are the best ways to make that a reality and prevent bags under eyes naturally.

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