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Meet Dr. Michael Hall, The Man Behind Eternal Teas

Dr. Michael Hall, of Miami Beach, Florida has been practicing medicine for over twenty years. His extensive experience and abundant knowledge gives Dr. Hall the ability to utilize the best remedies and procedures, aiming at increasing longevity and slowing down the process of aging.

Dr. Hall completed his Master’s degree in health care management at the New York Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service. Each and every day he strives to be a leader in his field, and has made it his life’s work to educate the public. Dr. Hall believes everyone is entitled to live longer, happier lives. His unique approach combines western medicine with a holistic twist.

The word ‘holistic’ is used in many different contexts, but as it pertains to medicine, here is the proper definition.

“Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.” [1]

Dr. Hall’s approach to life embodies the true essence of holistic medicine and good health, which is why he was chosen to create a health-inspired tea line by the founder of Eternal Lifestyles. By using the finest ingredients he has created Eternal’s unique blend of teas with the utmost care. Through his research he has helped to ensure that Eternal Lifestyles’ teas provide health and wellness with every sip. “If you understand how the body works, you can create something that tastes great, and improves longevity in the process,” the doctor responded.

Dr. Hall not only created the tea blends, he also endorses them, providing public support for Eternal Lifestyles’ range of healthy herbal teas. He drinks the teas as part of his own daily regiment.

“I want everyone to know that the visible signs of aging are something they can fight,” Dr. Hall tells his patients. “Not only can they slow the signs of aging, but they can actually increase their lifespan by making a few beneficial alterations. If you start living a healthy lifestyle, every facet of who you are will improve.”

Improving health and spirit is an important part Dr. Halls life. For years he has spent his time providing aid relief in war-torn countries around the world. He has worked in New Zealand’s North and South Islands, and provided relief to the victims of the tsunami by founding a medical mission in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Health is his mission, and he spends his time studying how to combat the effects of aging. He is a man that embraces health to the fullest, and his passion is sharing his knowledge with others.


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