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6 Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

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It’s amazing how much time the average American spends watching TV, and most of that time is spent sitting down and doing nothing.

Why not take the time to do some great exercises that will help you to lose weight the easy way? You can take a sedentary activity and make it a great opportunity to get in shape!

Here are some easy exercises you can do while watching TV.

Push Ups

You may not have the stamina to do hundreds of push ups in a row, but why not do a set each time a commercial break rolls around?

Even if you can just do 10 to 20 per commercial break, that adds up to at least 50 pushups within an hour of TV watching. You can give your arms and chest a great workout, and all while that annoying dish soap commercial is playing.

Lifehack: Did you know that fidgeting can actually cause you to burn more calories? [1] You can burn up to 350 more calories per day, so get that foot tapping and those hands working!

Core Exercises

If there’s a TV show that’s particularly slow, take advantage of it to do a good core workout.

To work out your back, try holding these 3 positions:

Plank Hold

Side Bridge

The Superman 

To give your abs and sides a good workout. Try and hold each pose for as long as possible, and repeat each exercise often as you watch TV.

Yoga Poses

You may not be able to see the TV if you’re in the Downward Dog position, but imagine how great your workout will be if you can hold the various Warrior poses throughout the duration of your TV watching session. You’ll build excellent endurance, and you can get fit and trim while relaxing your body.

Lifehack:  If you want to boost your fitness, try stretching as you watch TV. Stretching reduces the risk of injury, and improves circulation. Just sit with your legs in a wide split, and hold it as long as you can.

Circuit Training Routine

Bored of doing the same thing over and over?  Try setting up a simple circuit training workout as you watch TV?

Have a few weights around the room, and do three exercises at each commercial break – one for your chest and triceps, one for your biceps and back, and one for your legs.

Leg Workout

Hold the Chair Pose for 30 seconds at a time,

Do side leg raises to strengthen your legs.


Set a goal to do 50 squats each time a commercial break rolls around.

Bounce Baby, Bounce

Want to get a great core workout while watching TV? Get a Yoga ball, and sit on it for the hours you spend in front of the television.

Not only will you force your core muscles to work, but you can burn a few extra calories at the same time! A 2008 study by researchers at the University of Buffalo showed that just sitting on a yoga ball burns around an extra 6% of calories vs sitting on an office chair.

Of course, bouncing will burn even more!

Tip: Make it a game! Just like you have drinking games, make an exercise game out of your favorite TV shows or movies.


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