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Keeping Your Energy Up Even During the Mid Day Slump

Girl Tired at her Desk During The Day

It’s common to hit a mid day slump at about two o’clock in the afternoon and feel ready to take a nap. We lose all our energy and just want to curl up and sleep or lounge somewhere and do mindless activities.

But the world doesn’t stop at mid-day and there is still plenty of stuff that needs to get done!

Being lazy doesn’t make you feel any better either; it just keeps us from getting important things accomplished which will only serve to stress us out later on. There really isn’t much that is satisfying about being lazy, especially not if you do it day after day.

But don’t rush for the coffee or those (terrible) energy shots just quite yet. There are better ways to keep you going and feeling alert and awake through the last few hours of your work day.

  1. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Our bodies need it to rest and restore themselves. But don’t overdo it either. Oversleeping can leave you feeling just as tired as under-sleeping.
  2. Stay hydrated. You should be drinking plenty of water during the day; there is a reason why you always hear about the “eight cups” rule. Your body needs water to keep itself going so make sure it gets it.
  3. Keep yourself active during the day. Even if you work a desk job, you should get up and do some stretches if you can. And if you can swing it, try taking a short walk around the office to get your legs moving. Sitting stagnant all day is only going to keep you feeling drowsy.
  4. Drink some green or oolong tea. Both of these teas have tons of health benefits and can help keep you feeling alert during the day. Throw a little lemon into a cup of green tea and feel your body waking up.
  5. Eat some citrus fruit. There is a reason that a lot of people drink orange juice in the morning. Fruits like oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit can really make you feel more energized and ready to go, so try to snack on them during the day. Or add lemon juice to some water for a more subtle kick in the butt.
  6. Cut down on your sugar intake. While ingesting sugar can give us a temporary high there is always the inevitable crash. Eating a lot of sugar can weaken our immune systems and leave us feeling drained. Stay away from the candy bars and leftover office birthday cake. It’s not worth it.
  7. On the same note, try to stay away from fatty/greasy foods such as fast food as well. They’re heavy and often leave you feeling like there is a lump in your stomach that slows you down and sucks out your motivation. Replacing these foods with healthier alternatives (fresh salad, yogurt, fruits, raw nuts, etc.) can really improve your overall mood and energy levels.

There is no need to fall victim to the mid day slump. We are all perfectly capable of powering through our work day and accomplishing our goals, we just have to make sure we are making the right decisions.

Don’t complain about having no energy instead have a cup of green tea, take a walk to get your blood flowing, and take a salad over a burger. It will work wonders for you.

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