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Cleansing Your Face the All-Natural Way (with things you can pronounce)

Woman Cleaning Her Face With Honey

The skin on our face breaks out for a ton of different reasons –stress, hormones, the things we eat, as well as makeup (which can clog our pores) and touching it excessively with our hands. Whatever the reason you might breakout, it’s easy to cleanse your skin gently and all-naturally in a cost-effective way. And you can also do it with things you can actually pronounce, which is more than most drug store cleansers can say.

Facial astringents are a great way to get rid of any dirt that might be in your pores and dry up zits and pimples. But a lot of them can leave sensitive skin feeling dried out and raw, which only then gives you another problem to deal with. So instead of arming yourself with an astringent and then facial lotion to moisturize afterwards, prepare yourself a gentler remedy.

You can make a great substitute for those store bought concoctions by brewing a bit of black tea (about a cup of it that you can keep stored in a container of some sort) in some warm water. Let the tea bag steep for a few minutes before taking it out. Then add about one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Use a cloth or cotton ball to apply to your face like you would any other astringent.

Black tea is great for drying up acne. It pulls toxins out of your pores and lets your skin breath and heal. The lemon juice is great for helping to reduce redness, and apple cider vinegar will give your skin a nice glow as well as make it soft to the touch. The combination of all three packs a powerful punch against any facial impurities you might suffer from. And if you’re trying hard to get rid of a pesky pimple, keep applying the mixture to it every time it dries out for about an hour or two. It should slowly shrink down and then disappear within a day or two.

Another way to cleanse your face is to use an all-natural, home-prepared face mask. You can find several of these through a simple internet search for any kind of skin. However, a great one for just about any skin type is one that just uses all-natural honey and lemon juice. This is something usually better prepared in small amounts for each usage. It takes a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice, mixed together in a small container. Apply the mixture to your face after gently washing off any makeup or grime with warm (not hot) water. Coat your entire face and let sit for roughly fifteen minutes and then wash off with warm water. Your skin should feel refreshed and soft, and significantly less red (if that was a problem) and acne should be less noticeable. Honey works a lot like black tea, drawing out the toxins in your skin. Paired with the redness-reducing power of lemon juice, it’s a fabulous way to pamper your face. And the mixture shouldn’t dry out your skin the way a lot of store-bought face masks do, so you won’t feel the need to moisturize with chemical-ridden lotions afterwards. Talk about a complete win.

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