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Detoxing After a Long Day

Woman Detoxing in Bubble Bath

We all have those days that seem to go on and on. The ones that are filled with stress, tons of work, rushing around, and trying to keep a smile on all the while. Those kinds of days are a drain on our system and leave us feeling dead. At the end of them nothing sounds better than falling over into bed and sleeping for a month. Picking yourself up and feeling relaxed afterwards is hard, because feeling dead and being relaxed are not the same thing.

There are a couple of things you can do after one of these long days that can help you feel a whole lot better. One of the easiest ways is to fill yourself up with water. Most people don’t get nearly enough water through the course of the day and simply rehydrating your body can do wonders. And if you want your drink to be even more refreshing, add some lemon juice to it, or even a few slices of cucumber.

Once you’ve rejuvenated your body with some water, you should really consider cooking yourself a healthy, homemade meal. Something with lots of fresh veggies is always a good idea. Try to avoid salts, fatty foods, and sugar. All these things will make you feel heavy and slow you down, and since you are supposed to be detoxing, you definitely don’t want that. Try a salad with a vinaigrette dressing, vegetables roasted in olive oil, a source of lean protein, and (another) glass of water. And if you’re a dessert kind of person, instead of reaching for something like cookies or cake afterwards, have some fruit. It will cleanse your palette and curb any sweets cravings you may have. What we eat effects how we feel so much and if you want to feel relaxed after a long day at work, you don’t want to eat anything that can cause your insides to feel weird in any way.

If after all that you’re still feeling tense and stressed out, try a warm bath. But not just any bath –having a good bath salt is really a must. There are all sorts of them for sale on the market, but you are better off with an all-natural selection, something with natural flowers, essential oils, and/or raw oats which are fantastic for your skin. Once you’ve got your bath prepared, let yourself soak for a good 20 minutes, perhaps with a good book and some candles if you’re so inclined. Let go of the worries from the day and let yourself just be.

And when you finally lay down for a good night’s sleep, bring a warm cup of chamomile tea with you. Chamomile is a great for helping you fall asleep (great for anyone prone to laying awake worrying) and stay asleep. Usually a night of rest on a cup of chamomile is relaxing and deep, exactly what you need to recharge your inner-batteries after a long day.

Keeping our bodies clean and happy is imperative for getting through the tough stuff life can throw at us. Eating well, drinking water, and taking the time to relax and let go of the stress is important for all of us.

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