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Yoga and Toxins: Does Yoga Help Me Detox?

Yoga Girl Detoxing

Yoga has become incredibly popular among the ladies in the U.S., and I’ve found that it’s quite a good way to work out, get some hardcore stretching in, and push my body to the max. I’ve almost completely eliminated my back pain thanks to Yoga, so I’m a huge proponent of the amazing form of exercise.

And now, I’ve discovered that it helps to get rid of toxins! Can it get any better?

Hot Yoga and Sweating

Most people believe that sweating is the best way to get rid of toxins, as the toxins that are absorbed through your skin can be flushed out when you perspire.

Bikram Yoga – also known as hot Yoga – has become hugely popular, as it involves doing the poses and forms in a room with the heater cranked way up. The result is a whole lot of sweating, and those that do this hot yoga feel like they’ve detoxed their bodies nicely.

Ashtanga yoga – or power yoga – is also believed to be very effective. It involves a lot of moving around, and it is excellent for building strength and power. It causes you to sweat a lot, and it is another one that has become popular for health and detoxing alike.

Unfortunately, sweating is just one way to detox, and it’s not the most effective. Sweating only eliminates about 1% of the toxins in your body, as most of the toxins are absorbed into your liver via your digestive system. The majority of the toxins in your body come via the food you eat, and sweating will usually only eliminate the toxins that have been absorbed via your skin – a much smaller percentage than you might think.

So How Does Yoga Help?

The way Yoga helps to detox your body is by:

  • Improving your circulation
  • Regulating your digestion
  • Stimulating your lymphatic system

The twisting, turning, stretching, and compressing of Yoga poses helps to stimulate your body. Some poses will compress your liver, effectively squeezing out the toxins and forcing the organ to send it on to the waste disposal system. Other poses will stimulate your lymph nodes, which is where toxins are often stored on their way to the liver. Twisting poses will help to stimulate your blood circulation, which will keep all of your organs healthy and working properly.

Two of the best poses to promote the healthy detoxification of your body are:

Wide Legged Forward Fold

This is an inverted pose will help your lymphatic system to drain of all toxins, and will stimulate your upper body circulation in order to speed up the elimination of the toxins.

Seated Twist

This twisting pose will compress the organs in your midsection, and will help your digestive system work better, get your kidneys processing more effectively, and flush the liver of toxins.

These simple Yoga poses are just two of the hundreds of effective poses that will help to detox your body, and you’ll find that doing Yoga is one of the best ways to get rid of those pesky toxins once and for all!

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