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Motivate Your Mornings

Woman Waking up in the Morning in White Sheets

Getting out of bed in the morning. Washing that pile of dishes. Meeting the demands of work. Just getting through another day.

It’s hard to get motivated. What with all of the stresses and hassles that confront us on a daily basis, it’s a wonder anyone wants to start their day at all. And yet we’ve got to get up and get going and get things done. That all starts in the morning, which is probably the hardest time to get motivated for most people. Here are some simple ways that you can get motivated in the morning:

Get Up: A head honcho at Netflix told me years ago that the hardest thing to do each day was get vertical. By that he meant simply getting out of bed. He said that if you could get vertical, the rest of the day was easy. He told me that when he was already rich and probably didn’t have to get up early in the morning anymore, sleeping well into the afternoon if he preferred. But no matter if you’re working days or nights and getting up at all different hours, getting up is hard to do. End the agony and just do it.

Drink: Having a tall glass or water first thing will clear away those cobwebs in your head and get you motivated for the day. You’re tired and groggy in the morning not just because you woke up, but because you’re dehydrated. You haven’t had a drink in 6 to 8 hours, and perhaps longer, and your body is craving some liquids. And the colder the better; if your stomach suddenly gets hit with an arctic blast of water, you’re blood will start pumping to warm you up.

Eat: Don’t skip your breakfast. I hate hearing that, but it’s true. Mom was right, and you should always have something in your stomach before you start the rest of your day. And that something shouldn’t be coffee alone. Studies have shown that an apple in the morning will do a whole lot more to wake you up than a cup of coffee. When you’ve got food in your stomach, the work whistle is blown. Your body goes to work breaking down that food, and all of that work wakes you up. And the larger the breakfast you eat in the morning, the less you’ll eat throughout the day.

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