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Vitamin D Body Lotion

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Product Description

Vitamin D Body Lotion (8.0 Oz)

The Eternal Vitamin D Body Lotion is an invigorating lotion that uses a form of Vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol to aid the skin while it regulates and undergoes its critical health and beauty functions. With moisturizing antioxidant and skin nourishing benefits, this exciting ingredient helps condition and improve the quality of the skin.

Combined with the ultra moisturizing benefits of Olive derived Squalane and Water loving Hyaluronic Acid, this super-hydrating formula is excellent for dry, damaged or Vitamin D deprived skin, especially useful during the long dry winter months.

  • Delivers superior moisturization and skin nourishment
  • Provides a topical boost of health stimulating Vitamin D3
  • Delivers antioxidant benefits
  • Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Directions: Apply generously to body and allow to dry morning and evening.  Will moisturize and protect.



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