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Oil Absorbing Lotion




Oil Absorbing Lotion (1.7 Oz)

Lightweight and oil-free, this lotion is formulated to help control excess oil and do away with shine. It creates a smooth and comfortable, soft matte finish and is suitable for skin in warm, humid climates.

Eternal Oil Absorbing Lotion is oil free, and is an oil absorbing fast-penetrating formulation that hydrates, yet leaves a soft matte finish for hours.  It is great for people with normal to oily skin.  Eternal Oil Absorbing Lotion also contains Resveratrol, which is considered a super potent antioxidant from wine & grapes that may reduce the effects of aging & UV damage.

Directions: Apply a small amount between your fingertips. As you pat onto clean, dry skin, you will instantly feel the soothing effects. Smooth over your face, neck, even under the fragile eye area. Apply day and night for a lifetime.

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