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Neck Firming Cream




Neck Firming Cream (2.0 Oz)

Feel younger with advanced fat dissolving and skin tightening actives. Eternal Neck Firming Cream stimulates cell circulation to remove toxins as it melts away fat and inhibits the formation of fat deposits. Skin is left smoother and more toned. Also recommended for décolletage.

  • Firms and tones delicate skin
  • Stimulates cellular circulation
  • Reduces fat deposits and prevents future formation

Eternal Neck Firming Cream helps to remodel the contour of the lower face, jaw line, neck and décolleté. This unique formulation contains advanced fat dissolving, skin tightening actives. These combined actives address all neck area concerns where the signs of age first appear. With consistent application, our Neck Firming Cream will help tone, tighten and form a barrier to increase the appearance of skin’s overall elasticity and thickness.

Our Neck Firming Cream uses Chenopodium Quinoa Seed which blocks the formation of blood vessels needed to transform pre-adipocytes into fully formed fat cells, thereby inhibiting the formation of new fat. Sorbitan Luarate and Lauroyl Proline shrinks adipocytes by turning on fat-burning receptors while simultaneously switching off receptors that inhibit fat burning; it also boosts fat oxidation and inhibits an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase to prevent fat storage. And Squalane decreases Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) to maintain hydrated skin throughout the day.

Directions: Apply liberally to the jaw line and neck area using upward strokes. Use twice daily. Can be used more often if desired.


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