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By on April 4, 2013
Man Falling Asleep at Work

Principal said that the university was fast recovering from
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While realizing the dillicultios there would be in gather
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in the tlieatroof tho Uoyal College of Suiguuns of lOugland
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bility of cerebro spinal fever but lumbar puncture shows
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only in the late stage of diphtheria that several disappearing
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The administration of benefits paid for should be under
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may recommend jialients who arc eligible for admission
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men inckiding a description of the associated ligaments
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defective union. Such unsatisfactory results are to be
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addition that all the larger hospitals should have whole
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the presence of chemical substance or substances not
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outstanding merit iu appointing him lecturer on neuro
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the same general type of disease prevailed throughout the
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Jtocurrence was more apt to take place and after a longer
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bronchitis require in addition an expectorant mixture. The
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method was the soundest and best I know. His teaching
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cost possibly of a heavy attack with disfigurement or even
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more keenly from his having sacriliced the most valuable
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time wasted. At operation as little blood as possible
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In the discussion several members held that the amend
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con.sented to act as honorary consultant to the Ministry of
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tions sterilized dressings and laboratory equipment appeal
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that no radical changes should be instigated either by the
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community would be greatly improved from the increased
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Reconstruction. It will be recalled that.Sir Eric Geddes
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allowed to heal when the second stage developed. This
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service in a civilian capacity an older man will be
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prevention is applicable. Water and something that will
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