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By on April 4, 2013
Man Falling Asleep at Work

obstruction to the uriuary outlet is a predisposing cause of

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at the end of that time. The remainder were evacualci

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nnmbfr who responded were picked as many officers and

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was not a bill to alter the present law by substituting

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may not necessitate repair. In such cases where there is

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The x ray and electro medical apparatus occupies a con

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lit the earliest date at which military exigencies permitted

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of the sclerosed bone and resignation on the part of the

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attained the rank of surgeon major in May 1915 and sub

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mildly. Most of the men in the camp in June and July

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the bulk of cycle and light car propositions in that the

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allowed to stand five days at 37 to eliminate thu possi

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Two days after the spraying was commenced the fresh

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cavalry during the first phases of the war put the highest

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considerably weaker and finally disappear altogether.

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we are wiser than they and pay lip service to tho virtues

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medium was unknown to me at the time these swabs were

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animal fat. Then growth will occur if we merely add to

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of age who had been suffering from an eruption for two or

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The successful management of such a ward is very greatly

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sponded to vagotonia and 11 to sj inpathicotonia so that

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or thirty years 1 have frci Uontly prescribed turpentine in

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only a few years service to their credit. Such treatment

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tions of the members the President expressed their sense

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Here a very large haemothorax had been caused by e

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ditions may in one pregnancy have distcmded veins and in

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chair of therapeutics in the University of Edinburgh to

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to separate them except in the course of time. If the amend

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of wound production and the theories put forward to

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up to date. The fundamental work of Dr. Gordon Holmes

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Queant line althongh wounded two days previously he remained at

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think many cases will ariso owing to geographical dilU

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whose support the movement cannot achieve its purpose.

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timei been made good by new entrants because newly qualihed

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a personal achievement to have enlisted the practical

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The lung reflexes are largely responsible for the contra

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nerve suture he contended that end to end union was

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plete investigation. Our experience of bacillary dysentery

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public dental services a matter already in tlie air so

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Case Vl. Intcffrity of Uretero Vesical Valvular Mechanism.

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intrapleural negative tension but so long as it is not

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