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By on April 4, 2013
Man Falling Asleep at Work

the nerve retardation reaches a certain point the muscle
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that if the actual state of a series of bhadders so treated
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occasioned hv the retirement in rotation of Sir lierlieley
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of the evening Dr. Addison President of the Local Govern
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such privileges when through their good fortune during the war
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his subcommittee was less than 100 in a year. It was
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in such a state stand an operation on the chest very ill.
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infection than other classes of the commuuitj although
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accounts given by American surgeons who had tried these
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an attempt at aspiration is required before the conclusion
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iucome varied between fifteen hundred and two thousand
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of the Dispensario Antituberculoso Maria Cristlna Was
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calculated to arrest and maintain the attention of the
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rales are beard and further out and towards both bases
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British and two in the Canadian service died. These
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received well merited and distinguished recognition at ha
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and children to be treated it follows that there is seldom
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When dressing was removed next day there was no blister but
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not dispute that they were drawing pay and allowances under
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rupture of the aortic valves that the position and extent
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searches in which they were interested. But the scientific
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goes. The leasoning is sound. Tlic world s industries
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impressed upon me the results when military exigencies
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the outset the chances of recoveriug dysentery bacilli are
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taken place notwithstanding lessened resort to vaccination
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due to the explosive effect of foreign bodies detachment of
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presented by a deputation consisting of Drs. Keppie Pater
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It is difficult at so great a distance to prouounce judge

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