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By on April 4, 2013
Man Falling Asleep at Work

suffering with shock are observed in those who in their

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could walk a certain distance before perceptible symptoms

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undertaken. Mr. Thomson Walker objects to my quoting

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jointly with any council medical or lay as occasion

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impulse being diffuse and heaving in character. In a f e

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precious in carrying out a method of treatment which we

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ment as under Dr. Claude Ker in Kdiuburgh to get the

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ments current up to 10 milliampc res. Ilesidt Scar softer

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at Geneva has summoned a conference of the Red Cross

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This does not sound inconceivable when it is remem

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colloidal compound in order to explain the fact that the

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hospitals formed themselves into a committee and were

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by a slight transformation the organ can be made to

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made. At present disabled soldiers suffering from shelL shock

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Tho urine contained pus albumin and a few red blood cells.

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rooeived a Greenwich Hospital pi nsion on February 28tb

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snifer the claims of graduates should also be considered

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bination of large doses of bismuth by the mouth combined

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of State responsible for the rationing of medical personnel

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lines Clinics would be arranged in areas to serve vary

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the bandage slings have to be removed and fresh ones

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minute aft r midnijjht on April 23rd was alongside it.

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living until ho may reach the period of possible recovery

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from tho inception of the scheme to March 31st 1918 have

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ference will take place at the end of this month or early

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that the punishment falls on innocent wives and children

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of smaller population weekly returns of notifications and

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In some cases influenced by the gravity of the headache

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During the attack on the p Ridge on September 18th. 1918

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are several fine paintings by Sargent including the great

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jiulraouary pressure which take place and the more active

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Dr. DoNAL M. Bai rv pathologist on the staff of the

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mortality of nearly 50 per cent at one time of the war

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of the advisory councils in order to prevent overlapping

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with strong opposition. He had uevcr taken kiuilly to the

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so and others have reported to the sick bay for treatment

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logy in the University of London Dr. Cieorge Baiger

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tion 2 tho stiffness of his neck was associated with a

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nearly all the later methods are based. As applied to eye

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was marked pron inence of the eveballs. Von Ch aefe s sign wa

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in closure we are justified in saying that the case in

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give the iujections. For this purpose I took the patient to tJio

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at home or at Gibraltar or Malta while young officers

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In birds Hunter had pointed out that fracture of the

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primary cases is given and at the end of six weelvs if the

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to be delivered without undue danger to the ujother. The

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aiuonnt of romnneratiou for it is twice the old club rate

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sanitary authority was led to abandon this essential

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of Edinburgh was elected King s Professor of Institutes of

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tion and dyspnoea on exertion. A pale thin delicate girl. sBe

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of Local Government Officers Paisley writes With reference

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of special services for each purpose somewhat on the lines

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